A Prayer for the Success of Saucy Q Bar B Q

Heavenly Father, We Ask You to Guide Us as We Enter another Day,
And Guide the Wingfields As They Continue the Task Of
Successfully Building Saucy Q as A Profitable Business Not Only For Themselves
But For the Employees and the Community

Help All of Us Maintain a Balance between What We Would Like For Ourselves
And Saucy Q to Be and What We Are Capable Of Becoming

We Pray For Graces Needed Not To Be Threatened By the Enormity of The Task
Nor By The Nature Of What We Have Been Entrusted To Do
We Pray That Our Lord Jesus Christ Will Help Us Accomplish Our Goals.

Keep Us Focused On the Fact That We Are On This Earth
Not Just for Our Worldly and Earthly Goals, But also For an Eternity with
You in Heaven and That all We Do Is for Your
Greater Honor and Glory, And Not Our Own

We Ask This and All In Your Sonís Jesus Name